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The reviews are in...

Happy to share the reviews of the work I have been developing lately:

-GlitterGods/Stigma (a piece that I couldn't be prouder of, for everything it represents):
"(...) If the long list of countries sounds to the end, it's just a matter of how many places in the world homosexuality is still forbidden. It's a summary to be discouraged, yet let Jesús de Vega end his Glittergods / Stigma performance . That does not only work well as a celebration of the party that that evening continues, but also emphasizes the realization of our paradoxical reality. While the West is well drenched, there is still a long way to go in many parts of the world"…/glittergod…/ick-jesus-de-vega/

-Choreopop, my collaboration with Chai Blaq,  (for now still a work in progress, which we will continue working on in 2018): 
"The performance of Chai Blaq and Jesús de Vega makes the most impression (…) Their two first Choreopop songs are simple in design, beautifully elaborated and play very consciously with the ever-so-exhausting, supposed sex appeal of new technology (…) That is promising"…/festival-why…/festival-whynot/

Happy day!


pic by Alwin Poiana

pic by Alwin Poiana