"The body is a transformative entity, one that can oscillate between extreme opposites; we are open to choices, whichever the environment. In this dance of opposites, we decide who and what we want to be. It is up to us"

Kowareta preview at Parcours festival Maastricht

Sunday 11th September, Kowareta will be shown as an exclusive preview of the program Distinguished Dreams #3. Kowareta will be premiered at (and produced by) the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2016 (Maastricht) 

Below you can find a link to see a short clip on the Instagram page of the Festival as well as a couple of links to the Nederlandse Dansdagen and Parcours Festival.

Kowareta is Japanese for "broken". The duet (a collaboration between Chai Blaq -musician- and Jesus de Vega -choreographer-) presents the two performers both as the individual fragments that form this unusual "band" as well as the glue that connects the separate sounds (and movements) in order to form a song.

The premise for Kowareta is a simple one: merging the separate elements in order to arrive to a new fully formed image/sound. Their individuality magnifies the beauty of their connection.

The sounds of this piece include: beats created from micro sounds taken from Jesús' body, Michelle's live and recorded voice, and a selection of analog and digital sounds (chinese recorderharp, synth, bells, etc.) stored in a drum/sample pad.