"The body is a transformative entity, one that can oscillate between extreme opposites; we are open to choices, whichever the environment. In this dance of opposites, we decide who and what we want to be. It is up to us"

GlitterGods /STIGMA

PREMIERED: 24th September 2017, 20:30 at theatre Meervaart, Amsterdam.



There are 72 countries where homosexuality is still outlawed. In some of them, the penalty is death.

GlitterGods/Stigma is an ode to marginalised and discriminated people from the LGBTQI+ community, and an homage to the LGBTQI+ figures that fought for the freedom we enjoy now in certain countries. 

The piece focuses on the friction between freedom and oppression, referencing events part of the LGBTQI+ history: Stonewall, Pride, the Pulse massacre, Chechnya's gay concentration camps... 

De Vega creates a set of restrictions (physical, spatial, rhythmical...) through which the performers need to find their freedom, their way to shine. 


Choreography and soundscape design: Jesús de Vega

Dancers: Revé Terborg and Pascal Sangl.

Dramaturgy: Jesús de Vega/Eline Tan.

Light design: Varja Klosse.

Production: ICK Amsterdam/Jesús de Vega

Special thanks to Renée Copraij for her ongoing support and inspiration, to Jesse Vanhoeck for her generous help throughout the process, to Mai Marie Dijksma for her commitment and involvement and to de Meervaart and ICK (and its team) for their trust and help.

Extra special thanks to Matthew Carney, for being always there for me.


This piece is dedicated to the people that fought/fight for LBGTQ+ rights, the people that suffer still from discrimination and to those that lost their lives because of it.







Pictures by Alwin Poiana (Premiere, 24th sept 2017):




Rehearsal photos by Jon Haywood (Sept 2017):



Images of N8 (Museum night) by Reinout Bos (Nov 2016):





Photos by Myscha Oreo, Vondelpark Openluchttheater (July 2016):