Dance your way to the future.

GlitterGods /STIGMa

Celebrating the LGBTQI+ community progress towards equal rights is essential, but there are still 72 countries where homosexuality is outlawed. In some of them, the penalty is death. GlitterGods/Stigma presents the contrast between two different realities: acceptance and discrimination.

The piece focuses on the friction between opposing experiences: freedom and oppression, pride and shame, love and hate… Jesus De Vega invites the audience to experience a catwalk in which these contrasting experiences play out. Through a set of restrictions (physical, spatial, rhythmical...) the performers expose their quest to find their freedom, their way to shine, their strengths and their fragilities.

GlitterGods/Stigma is an ode to love and acceptance, a thank you to the LGBTQI+ figures that fight for equal rights.

 Choreography and soundtrack design: Jesús de Vega

Dancers: Revé Terborg and Jordan Achiano..

Light design: Varja Klosse.

Production: ICK / Jesús de Vega

Special thanks to Renée Copraij for her ongoing support and inspiration, to Jesse Vanhoeck for her generous help throughout the process, to Mai Marie Dijksma for her commitment and involvement and to de Meervaart and ICK (and its team) for their trust and help.

Extra special thanks to Matthew Carney, for being always there for me.

Premiered the 24th of September 2017 at theatre Meervaart, Amsterdam