"The body is a transformative entity, one that can oscillate between extreme opposites; we are open to choices, whichever the environment. In this dance of opposites, we decide who and what we want to be. It is up to us"

                                                         Photo by Myscha Oreo

                                                         Photo by Myscha Oreo



Jesus de Vega is a dance maker and performer born in the Canary Islands, Spain. His dance career began in 1993, having worked with companies and choreographers such as Emio Greco/PC, Galili Dance, Iceland Dance Company, Metros, Stephen Shropshire, André Gingras, Sylvain Emard and Vaclav Kunes amongst others. 


He began working as a dance maker in 2008 and his work has since toured across Holland and has been presented at dutch theatres and dance festivals (Mundial, Nazomerfestivaal, Boulevard Festival and the Nederlandse Dansdagen) and internationally in Istanbul and the U.K.

 In 2012/13 De Vega participated in Spazio, a European programme for dance makers, and is currently a guest artist at ICKamsterdam. 


de Vega's work is recognisable for its dark and poetic atmospheres, as well as its powerful yet vulnerable physicality: his personal movement qualities magnify the miniscule, aiming to expose what's hidden from us - even limitations and weaknesses. Extremes, and a way to find balance between them, play an important role in his work; in that sense, he uses his artistic platform to open up a dialogue about human condition. 

His new piece, GlitterGods/Stigma is an ode to marginalised and discriminated people from the LGBTQI+ community and an homage to the LGBTQI+ figures that fought for the freedom we enjoy now in certain countries; it will premiere the 24th September 2017 in the theatre de Meervart, Amsterdam.


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